The Cult of Creativity

Mad Men still of Don Draper saying "I smell creativity"

This is a place for conversations and castaways. I wrote a book called The Cult of Creativity: A Surprisingly Recent History. Writing it was largely solitary, and the whole time I wished I was just having a conversation. There was also a whole lot that didn’t make it into the book but I think is really important. (One reviewer of the book agreed!) In this space I hope to feature some of my own casual writing, scraps, and conversations with scholars, practitioners, activists, and others whose work expands on the tendrils I’ve sent out. Topic may include but are not limited to:

So! If you’re interested in these themes, or read the book and have questions, concerns, gripes, or things you want to talk about, please use this space. Comment, reach out, propose some topics or a feature. Let’s see where this goes.

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